Royal Blossom 6pc Travel Set

Travel in style with this exquisite 6pc travel set from Jacki Design. Now you can take all your liquids and gels with you wherever you go. This travel set features three empty twist cap containers perfect for shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. One empty spray top container for your perfume or body spray. One small bag that can be used to store all your cosmetics, and a bigger bag to keep it all in place and organized. The big bag is half polyester with a lovely floral design and half PVC keeping everything visible at all times. The inside has four elastic compartments to keep the bottles in place preventing any spills. The smaller bag is made of polyester and is a solid color with a gold zipper to give it an elegant look. The containers are all clear with tops matching the color of the bag. Comes with a removable wristlet for easy carry. It is the must have accessory when traveling.
9.05 X 3.14 X 6.1

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